13. A short review: Biotechnological potentials of food waste

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Anam Javed, Nadia Jamshaid, Mehrunisa Hassan, Ayesha Ashfaq, Nisha Sadiq, Asad Ali, Hafiz Muhammad Imran Sultani Muhammad Adnan, Afifa Khanim, Asifa Mobeen, Sara Chauhdry


Food waste is hub of broad spectrum bioactive molecules. Either they are utilized as it is or required as raw material to prepare other valuable compounds. Approximately half of vegetables and fruits are wasted at different levels of their handling, processing, storage and transportation annually and this food wastage is not restricted to a specific region but it is considered as a global issue, in a current era of resource constraints. That is why; it is the need of time to channelize our future research efforts towards utilization of waste food to get different useful compounds like biofuels, medicinal and many other benefits. Though reported data did great contribution in this regard but still attention of researchers is required to fill this research gap by generating low cost bioactive biomolecules from wasted vegetables and fruits. Similarly, organized efforts for general public awareness about the biotechnological potentials of wasted food components from both government and cooperate sectors are required which in turn promote the concept of recycling and use of local low or no cost products.

Keywords: Bioactive molecules; Biofuels; Food waste; Fruits; Global issue; Vegetables


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