54. Influence of clove powder and choline on performance, digestibility and weight of internal organs of Japanese quail

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Muhammad Sumair Arain, Farman Ali Siyal, Gulfam Ali Mughal, Ghulam Murtaza Lochi, Muhammad Bilawal Abdul Salam Khoso, Asad ur Rehman



This study aimed to determine the effects of clove powder and choline on the development and digestibility of Japanese quail. For this study, 200-day-old  Japanese quail chicks were assigned randomly into four treatments (I, II, III, IV), with each group having five replicates with ten birds each. Group, I treated simply the basal diet, whereas group II treated 0.5% clove powder together with the standard diet, group III treated 0.5% choline along with the standard diet, and group IV was treated with a blend of 0.5% clove powder and 0.5% choline along with the basal diet. The results showed that group I had the highest feed and water consumption, while group IV had the lowest feed consumption and water consumption was lowest in group II with statistically significant differences in all groups. Weekly weight increase was substantially higher in group IV and lower in group I with statistically significant differences in all groups; similarly, ultimate weight gain was significantly higher in group IV than in group I, groups were statistically significant from one another. In comparison to group I, FCR was better in groups IV, II, and III, all groups were statistically different from each other. Carcass weight and dressing percentage were considerably higher in IV, II, and III groups. Heart weight was substantially higher in treated groups, while liver weight was significantly lower in treated groups. Gizzard weight was observed high in treated groups. In terms of digestibility percentage of dry matter, crude protein and crude fat, the maximum efficiency was obtained in group IV, followed by groups II and III, however, there was a significant difference in all groups. On the basis of above mention, the conclusion could be made that supplementing a normal diet with 0.5% clove powder and 0.5% choline improved feed and water intake, weight gain, carcass quantity and dressing percentage, weight of internal organs, FCR, and the digestibility percentage of dry matter, crude protein and fat in Japanese quails.

Keywords: Clove; Choline; Digestibility; Japanese quail; Performance


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