Influence of humic acid on growth and yield of strawberry cv. Chandler

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Izhar Ullah, Muhammad Sajid, Syed Tanveer Shah, Sajid Khan Zafar Iqbal Fazal-i-Wahid . Ehtesham ul Hassan . Sayyed Hamad Ahmad Shah, Rahmatullah Khan


A study on “Influence of humic acid on growth and yield of strawberry cv. Chandler” was conducted at Newly Development Horticultural Farm, The University of Agriculture Peshawar, Pakistan during 2014. The experiment was carried out using Randomized Complete Block design (RCBD) with one factor replicated thrice. Three levels of humic acid (1.5, 3.0 and 4.5ml L-1) were sprayed on strawberry plant after 30 days of transplanting. The data were recorded on various growth and fruit yield of strawberry at various stages. The analyzed data showed  that  more  number of fruits (28.3) plant-1, total carotenoids (17.84 mgg-1), total lycopene content (0.0244 mgg-1) were recorded at 3mlL-1 humic acid and minimum percent fruit waste (0) was recorded with humic acid at 4.5mlL-1, while titratable acidity was found non-significant. It was concluded from the above results that the strawberry cv. Chandler could be sprayed with 3.0 mlL-1 of humic acid in order to obtain better growth and quality fruit production under the agro-climatic condition of Peshawar.

Keywords: Fragaria ananassa Dutch; Straw; Humic acid; Fertility; Carotenoid; Lycopene

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