55. Effect of humic acid and bread yeast application on the vegetative, yield and qualitative attributes of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.)

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Abdul Hassan, Aziz Ullah, Hammad, Zakirullah Jan, Zakirullah, Alamgir Khan, Mehdi Raza, Zubair Shah


Humic acid and bread yeast has a vital role in better yield and quality production of fruit. This experimental research was designed to find out the impact of humic acid and bread yeast on growth, quality and production of tomato cv. Riogrand. Humic acid @ 0, 10, 20 kg ha-1 were given to the main plots in soil and bread yeast levels @ 0, 6, 12, 18, 24 g L-1 were applied to subplots as a foliar spray. Number of fruit cluster-1, fruit weight (g), number of fruits plant-1, flowers number cluster-1, fruit diameter (cm), fruit length (cm), number of flower cluster plant-, volume of fruit (cm3), yield (tons ha-1) were significantly affected @ 10 kg ha-1 humic acid and application @18 g L-1 bread yeast respectively. It was derived that good quality of tomato fruit and yield were produced with application of bread yeast @ 18 g L-1 and humic acid @ 10 kg ha-1. Their interactions showed significant results on plant height (cm), fruit length (cm), number of fruit plant-1, fruit weight (g) and yield (tons ha-1).

Key words: Bread yeast; Fruit diameter (cm); Humic acid; Tomato; Yield (tons ha-1)



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