57. Construction and evaluation of a hydroponic system for cultivation of tomato

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Aamir Lund, Shakeel Hussain Chattha, Shakeel Ahmed Soomro, Mukhtiar Ali Leghari Benish Nawaz Mirani, Ghassan Zahid, Khalil Lund


Hydroponic system applications can help alleviate problems caused by changes in agricultural land usage. Many hydroponic researches have been carried out growing different plants, however their applicability in Sindh Pakistan requires some amendment. The research was conducted at Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam to build and analyse a hydroponic structure with a continuous nutrition system for cultivation of tomato. PVC pipes were used to construct the hydroponic system. Tomato plants were grown in hydroponic cups after transplanting for 15 days. The result revealed that EC and pH of water ranged between 1.23 to 2.76 dS/m and 5.32 to 6.92 respectively. The temperature of water varied between 18 to 24 ºC with an average value of 21 ºC. Ambient temperature and solar radiations varied between 21 to 26 ºC   and 250 to 325 W/m2 respectively. Number of leaves per plant increased from 6 to 22 in 28 days after transplantation, and plant height increased from 15 to 32 cm. The total cost of construction of the hydroponic structure was 11,889/ PKR. The constructed hydroponic system proved to be a suitable technology for growing tomatoes in a protected environment with minimal space, fertilizer and water requirements.

Keywords: Construction; Evaluation; Hydroponic; Tomato


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