58. Diversity, utilization and economic importance of fuel wood and fruit plants at Tehsil Dir, Pakistan

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Neelam Hayat, Asad Ullah, Sadia Parveen, Syed Ghias Ali


In this research data was collected through questionnaire from inhabitants of the area from 10 localities regarding diversity, economic importance and utilization of fuel wood and fruit plants adopting ex-situ (inventory) and in-situ (artifact) methods. Plants were collected, preserved, mounted and identified with the help of Flora of Pakistan. A total of 89 species were collected from the research area belonging to 46 families and 64 genera. The fuel wood diversity showed that 13 families, 17 genera and 19 species, in which 3 were shrubs and 16 were trees were utilized for heating and cooking purposes. Fruit plants diversity showed that 15 families, 25 genera and 43 species are used as fruit plants. Among the fruit plants 4 were herbs, 7 were shrubs, 32 were trees, in which 32 were wild and 11 were cultivated. Eight species (8) were directly used as fresh fruits in the study area. The economic plants diversity showed that 13 families, 17 genera and 21 species are used as economic plants, in which 1 was shrub and 20 were trees. The economic uses data showed that 16 species were used for making agricultural tools, 14 for furniture, 11 for utensils and 2 each for timber and for making doors. The diversity, utilization and economic importance of fuel wood and fruit plants showed that the inhabitants rely upon plants for their livelihood and food security. The fruit plants are facing many threats including anthropogenic activities, over usage for fuel wood, habitat destruction and deforestation and need conservation.

Keywords: Anthropogenic; Deforestation; Economic importance; Fuel wood; Food security; Habitat destruction; livelihood


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