62. Optimizing planting date and planting density for improving growth development of cotton using dssat under semi-arid conditions of Faisalabad

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Jaffar Iqbal, Muhammad Roman, Parsa Mushtaq, Murtaza Ali, Husnain Rauf, Muhammad Faheem, Tasneem Khaliq Muhammad Zubair, Syed Ali Raza Shah


Climate change is significantly affecting the cotton production system around the globe. Cotton production in Pakistan is under huge pressure and it's continuously declining over the period. Crop phenology, growth and crop cycle were determined by environmental conditions of growing seasons. Changes in phenological events were controlled by environmental conditions especially temperature and solar radiation. To set off these impacts, a trial was conducted to evaluate the different planting dates and densities of cotton in a semi-arid condition of Faisalabad during 2019 using Randomised Complete Block Design (RCBD) with split plot arrangement. Planting dates (22nd April 7th May 22nd May, and 6th June) were placed in main plots while planting densities (88890, 59260 and 44445/ha) were randomized in subplots. Cotton growth, development and yield were significantly affected by changing planting date and densities. Maximum seed cotton yield (3196 kgha-1) was obtained from 59260/ha under 22nd April planting date and planting density followed by 88890/ha and 44445/ha respectively. Furthermore, OZCOT cotton model showed that the model simulated crop growth parameter with the average error 4.89% and 14.29% for FTDM and leaf area index respectively. Simulated data and observed data shows, cotton should be planted on 22nd April under 59260/ha density to get maximum yield.

Keywords: Cotton; DSSAT; Growth; Planting date; Planting density


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