Current status of street foods, over consumption and human health issues in Hyderabad City

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Sanam Dahraj, Aamna Balouch, Agha Asad Noor, Nazir Ahmed Brohi, Rasheed Ahmed Soomro Muhammad Ashraf Sial and Bashir Ahmed Mahar


Globally, the use of street foods is accessed at their walking distance. In Hyderabad city all age groups eat different street foods, which have severe impacts on human health. General survey and interviews were conducted to collect data of eating habits, a survey from health institutions and the clinical samples were collected for screening of pathogens and antibiotic sensitivity. Total 24%, 37%, 23%, 16%; 28%, 40%, 17, 13%; 18%, 28%, 32%, 20% population of 5-25; 26-40; 41-60 years of age consume foods one time in a week, two times in a week, periodically and as per need respectively. The hygienic standard of venders reveled, food handlers and cook wash hands before handling and cooking (27%), wash food items before cooking (14%), Using and re-using normal cloth for drying hands and using head covering only (11%), wash utensils with detergent and warm water and using oven for drying crockery (10%), using new tissue papers for drying hands (6%), using gloves, head covering and apron during cooking (5%), infected personal serving for street foods (4%) and infected cooks (2%). Out of 375 samples the numbers and percentage revealed P. mirabilis 4% in Rabri, S. aureus 36% in Bhutta; C. jejuni 20% in Qatlama and Nihari soup, L. monocytogenes 20% in Qatlama, E. coli 24% in Chicken Mayo roll; S. enterica 20% in Rabri; B. cereus 12% in Dahi Bhalla and street salad; S. lactis 32% Fritter; Shigella dysenteriae 8% in Nihari soup and P. aeruginosa 5% in Fritters. Over consumption, irregular eating habit, and the contamination of foods may cause different infection and antibiotic resistance.

Keywords: Antibiotic sensitivity pattern; Bacterial isolates; Street foods; Survey

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