Modulating iron deficiency anemia through Date (Phoenix dactylifera) and Fig (Ficus carica) spread

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Emaan Naveed, Saleha Hameed, Sana Azher Adeela Hameed


Globally, the prevalence of micronutrient deficiency is increasing gradually especially iron deficiency and there is a requirement to improve hemoglobin status with the consumption of food commodities that are cheap and locally available. Iron is an essential constituent of hemoglobin, an erythrocyte protein that helps to transport oxygen in the body. The current research was designed with intent to improve iron deficiency anemia (IDA) with the consumption of date fruit, fig fruit and its combination to ameliorate IDA. The experimental study includes fifty students selected on the basis of exclusion and inclusion criteria. On the basis of exclusion criteria, a questionnaire was prepared and filled from the students and among those who fulfilled the criteria 50 subjects were selected on the basis of random samplings and divided into five different groups D0 (normal diet) D1 (normal diet with date spread) D2 (normal diet with fig spread) D3 (normal diet with date and fig spread) D4 (normal diet with iron supplement). Blood test containing hemoglobin, hematocrit and ferritin levels were observed before and after the intervention. The results explicated that the hemoglobin levels improve with the intervention and maximum was observed in D3 12.4±0.5 g/dL in comparison with control. The hematocrit and ferritin levels were also enhanced after the intervention with the maximal in date and fig spread. It was also observed that supplements also improve the hemoglobin levels with minor side effects i.e. abdominal pain, nausea and headache.  Conclusively, dates and figs alone and their combination are effective against IDA.

Keywords: Anemia; Ferritin; Hematocrit; Hemoglobin; Iron

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