Assessment of physico-chemical, spectroscopic elemental, and biological analysis of sewage water of Habib Nalla in Quetta City

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Rabia Mariyam, Attiq-ur-Rehman Kakar, Samiullah Khan, Naqeebullah Khan


Levels of heavy metals in sewage water are essential to determine before moving to human use and the cultivation sector because of the venomousness effects of heavy metal to plants, humans and soil by uses sewage water directly or indirectly. Sewage water is being engendered at present in large amounts and amassed in wastewater treatment plant grounds in Quetta. Wastewaters of domestic are a significant constituent of urban wastewater outturn on a wastewater recharge system. For this reason, the quantity and quality of domestic wastewater have a substantial effect on the resultant defilement of urban wastewater and the successful selection of suitable reuse of wastewater technology. The study intended to quantify the number of hazardous elements in domestic wastewater to determine the average daily production of domestic wastewater and risk elements per inhabitant and quantify the proportion of households in a total load of urban wastewater in Habib Nalla, (sewages, and channel system) and reuse of wastewater. Wastewater samples were collected from six local sewer systems linked from City Nalla. It is found that the average production of wastewater from households is approximately 122 L per person per day. The results also show that the share of households in urban wastewater is approximately 61 % in the case of Cd, 33–20% in the case of Fe, Cu, K, and less than 14% for Pb, Cr, Na, Ni, Co, and Mn.

Keywords: Habib Nalla (Channel system); Heavy metals; Metal toxicity; Reuse of water; Sewage water; Toxic pollutants

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