Stability analysis for seed yield in ten cultivars of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

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Mubashir Ahmad Khan, Nazakat Nawaz, IhsanUllah Khan, Tahira


A set of ten entries was evaluated at four locations in Pakistan to identify stable cultivars of sesame which would be grown by farmers of the country. Analysis of variance indicated that the seed yield differences among the varieties were significant at all locations. The cultivar ranking changed at each environment indicating the existence of genotype by environment (G x E) interaction. Among genotypes, SG-133 (1060 kg/ha), NS-260-SP4 (1048 kg/ha), NS-786 (937 kg/ha) and 50011 (858 kg/ha) produced higher seed yield compared to NS-2016 check (846 kg/ha). Across locations, maximum mean yield of 1040 kg/ha was recorded at DI Khan followed by NIAB (928 kg/ha), NARC (684 kg/ha) and Faisalabad (519 kg/ha). Highly significant differences were observed among the genotypes (G), environments (E) and G x E interaction when pooled analysis of variance was performed. This suggests that there is differential response of the genotypes in varying environments and stability analysis is required to determine the stability of the cultivars used in this study. Average yield performance of five genotypes was higher than the value of overall experimental mean (793 kg/ha) and these included SG-133, NS-260-SP4, NS-786, 50011 and NS-2016. SG-133 was found stable as had above average performance, regression (b) value close to unity and smaller deviation from regression (S2d) value. Four entries viz. NS-260-SP4, NS-786, 50011 and NS-2016 would perform better under favourable (good) environments as these had b-values greater than unity. The identified stable cultivars will help researchers to plan the strategy for breeding new sesame varieties in future.

Keywords: Pakistan; Seed Yield; Sesame; Sesamum indicum L.; Stability Analysis

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