Responses of different aphid species on wheat crop with relation to abiotic factors

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Muneer Abbas, Rana Muhammad Asghar, Khalid Hussain, Muhammad Saleem, Dilbar Hussain, Niaz Hussain Muhammad Irshad, Mudassar Khaliq, Zubeda Parveen, Muhammad Nadeem, Abdul Ghaffar


Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is one of the major stable food and cereal crop in all over the world as well as in Pakistan. However, it attached by various insect pests. The aphids, particularly Rhopalosiphum padi (L), Schizaphis graminum (L) and Sitobion avenae (F) species are among the major causes that severely affect wheat production across world. The main objective of this study was to check population dynamic of different aphid species with relation to abiotic factors. The experiment was conducted at Arid Zone Research Institute Bhakkar on three wheat varieties i.e. Fakhar-E-Bhakkar, Bhakkar Star, and Nishan 2021 under Randomized Completely Block Design. The mean population of three aphid species per tiller recorded every week by counting the number of aphids on ten tillers selected randomly from each selected field. The result of current study showed that the infestation of three aphids’ species was started in the 2nd week of February. The population of aphids per tiller increased as the vegetative growth proceeded and was highest in the 3rd week of March. The R. padi was most dominant from 2nd week of February to 1st week of March. S. graminum was most dominant from 1st week to 3rd week of March, and similarly S.avenae was most dominant 2nd to 3rd week of March. Correlation of population dynamic of aphids with temperature and humidity had positive and significant impact on stem population i.e. (0.6150± 0.05) and (0.873±0.023), respectively. Temperature had positive and significant impact (0.264±0.614), but humidity had positive and non-significant impact (0.245±0.640) on leaves. While positive and non-significant impact on spike i.e. (0.372±0.467) and (0.084±0.875), respectively.

Keywords: Abiotic factors; Aphid; Bhakkar; Frequency; Wheat

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