Phytochemical analysis and antifungal activity of selected medicinal plant extracts against Alternaria alternata

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Noshaba Olikh, Brian Gagosh Nayyar Ayesha Serwer, Maryam Ajmal, Akasha Naseer, Tehseen Kaleem Hashmi


Fungicides are used for plant diseases but extensive use of chemicals causes serious problems related to plant and consumer health.  Therefore, this is an emerging need of time to find an alternative eco-friendly approach. Four selected weeds were investigated for antifungal potential against Alternaria alternata. Qualitative phytochemical screening revealed the presence of different phytochemicals viz, amino acids, proteins, tannins, flavonoids and phytosterols in these plant extracts. Mycelium inhibition of target fungus by different extracts of weeds was observed using agar disc diffusion method, agar well diffusion method and food poison method. Results obtained from food poison method were appreciably good as compared to other two methods. The order of effectiveness of weeds was: Malva neglecta > Parthenium hysterophorus > Cannabis sativa > Chenopodium album. For aqueous extracts of weeds maximum fungal mycelium inhibition was recorded by C. sativa (91%) followed by M. neglecta (75.7%), P. hysterophorus (73.8%) and C. album (51.2%). The ethanolic extracts of all weeds were also found effective against A. alternata and maximum antifungal activity was recorded by M. neglecta (86.7%) followed by P. hysterophorus (77.1%), C. sativa (62.8%) and C. album (61.1%). Methanolic extracts of weeds also showed significant results as maximum fungal   inhibition was recorded by M. neglecta (86.9%) followed by P. hysterophorus (77.1%), C. album (74.6%) and C. sativa (69.7%). The results of this study indicates that extracts of M. neglecta and P. hysterophorus have high potential which can be used to control A. alternata and provides data for the researchers to make plant-based fungicides as an alternate method.

Keywords: Agar Disc Diffusion; Agar Well Diffusion; Food Poison Method; Eco- friendly; Weed extract

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