Antifungal and antibacterial activity of oilseed cakes against soil-borne phytopathogens

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Asma Mehak, Maryam Ajmal, Muhammad Shahbaz, Brian Gagosh Nayyar, Wajiha Seerat, Noor Fatima Abida Akram, Tariq Mukhtar


Plant diseases caused by fungal and bacterial pathogens are threatening the agriculture and human health all over the world. The efficacies of some antifungal and antimicrobial agents, which are currently used to inhibit disease-causing microorganisms have been weakened by microbial resistance. Therefore, new antimicrobial agents that could overcome this resistance need to be discovered. The present study was carried out to assess the antifungal and antibacterial potential of oilseed cakes against soil-borne pathogenic fungi (Fusarium oxysporum and Rhizoctonia solani) and virulent strains of bacteria (Bacillus cereus and Rhizobium sp). Ethanolic extracts of oilseed cakes of Prunus dulcis, Gossypium hirsutum, Jatropha curcas, Simmondsia chinensis, Azadirachta indica with different concentrations were evaluated for antifungal and antibacterial activity by disk diffusion method. The overall result indicated that that ethanolic extracts of all seed cakes possessed significant antifungal and antibacterial activity at 1000ppm. Gossypium hirsutum seed cake showed a maximum zone of inhibition (ZOI=1.00±0.05) against Fusarium oxysporum. Prunus dulcis seed cake showed maximum inhibition of Rhizoctonia solani (ZOI=1.13±0.18) and Bacillus cereus (ZOI=0.12±0.02). Simmondsia chinensis was found most effective against Rhizobium sp (ZOI=0.30±0.05). These findings suggested that tested oilseed cakes could be utilized for fungal and bacterial disease management and can be further developed to be a natural fungicide and antibacterial for sustainable agriculture. The use of oilseed cakes as biocontrol agents would benefit horticulture crops, as well as the management of industrial waste and the preservation of soil fertility.

Keywords: antibacterial; antifungal; Fusarium oxysporum; Oilseed cakes; Rhizoctonia solani

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