Pharmacological and antimicrobial evaluation of wood rotting fungus Lenzitus betulina (Gilled Polypore) extract

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Hussan Ara Begum, Waseem Ahmad, Shah Hussain, Irfan Ullah, Behram Ali, Iftekhar Ahmad Baloch, Asif Khan


Disease curing is a complex procedure, and requires effective management of disease is a foremost challenge. Plant based remedies including fungal species have now become essential for the management of health disorders and treatment infections, due to the cross effects of modern medicine and lower price for plant based herbal products. The present study was conducted to study pharmacological potential (analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic activity) and antimicrobial activity of Lenzitus betulina. The ethanolic extract were used for pharmacological studies while aqueous extract was used for myco-chemical analysis. The analgesic activity of Lenzitus betulina after the injection of ethanol extract at a dose of 300mg/kg the writhing was reduced to (21.00±1.73) /5 min and show 43.74% inhibition when compared with standard diclofenac sodium which reduced to (17.66±1.85) /5 min and showed 52.69% inhibition. In anti-inflammatory activity Lenzitus betulina extract was given at a dose of 300mg/kg, after 240min showed (1.13±0.8) as compared to aspirin (1.10±0.57). The extract of Lenzitus betulina given to mice at a dose of 300mg/kg, and showed results of (09.00±1.7cm) with 60.86% inhibition as compared to standard drug buscopan 07.33±0.99 with 67.65% inhibition antispasmodic activity. Antibacterial activity showed that all wood rotting fungi Lenzitus betulina extract were effective against selected bacterial strains such as (Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica and Klebisella pneumonia). It is concluded from the present study that not only angiosperms and gymnosperm plants are best for treating diseases and isolation of novel compounds to treat acute and chronic diseases.

Keywords: Diseases cure; Gilled polypore; Lenzitus betulina; Pharmacological activity; Wood rotting fungi

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