Effect of different dates on the growth and flower production of gladiolus (Gladiolus hortulanus) under the agro-climatic condition of Quetta, Balochistan

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Syed Muhammad Ishaq, Fazal Muhammad Bangulzai, Muhammad Abuzar Jaffar, Sher Muhammad Lehri, Ghulam Rasool Bang Muhammad Ejaz, Naseer Ahmed Shawani, Lal Bakhsh, Muhammad Ramzan


This study was carried out in the experimental and demonstration orchard of Directorate Agriculture Research Fruit ARI sariab Quetta during the year 2018 to evaluate the impact of different planting dates on the growth and flowering of gladiolus under agro-climatic condition of Quetta. The field trial was conducted Randomized complete block design with four replications. Gladiolus corms were sown with fifteen days interval, the corms were sown as following dates. T1= 2nd March, T2= 17th March, T3= 1st April, T4= 16th April and T5=1st May. The results of planting time showed significant (P<0.05) effect on growth and flowering of gladiolus except for floret size. Gladiolus planted on 1st April (T3) showed the best performance as resulted minimum (10.25) days to initiate sprouting, Maximum (9.58) leave plant-1, Maximum (116.83cm) plant height, maximum (1.5) corns plant-1, Maximum (22.95) corm lets plant-1 and maximum (1.5) spikes plant-1 and least (1.25) equally in T4 and T5 sowing. Gladiolus in (T2) planted second fortnight of March also showed good results, Minimum (81.8) days to open 1st floret, highest (6.9 cm) corm diameter and maximum (116.56 g) corm weight and least (75.45 g) gladiolus planted in T5.. It was concluded that the best gladiolus performance was witnessed with (T3) 1st April and (T2) second fortnight of March and these sowing dates could be an optimum planting time of gladiolus under agro-climatic conditions of Quetta.

Keywords: Climatic condition; Flower Production; Gladiolus; Growth; Planting dates


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