Efficacy of different insecticides and botanicals against Banana aphids (Pentalonia nigronervosa) under field conditions

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Sabit Ali Baloch, Abdul Ghani Lanjar, Tajwer Sultana Syed, Muhammad Ali Khanzada, Shahzad Ali Nahiyoon Mukhtar Umer Baloch, Farhad Ali Rustamani


Banana (Musa acuminata L.) is one of the most important fruits grown in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Banana plants especially suckers are damaged by Pentalonia nigronervosa. Previously different tactics were used to control this pest. This study determined the impact of different insecticides and botanical extracts on P. nigronervosa. Different field experiments were performed at Sayed Fakhar Abbas Shah Agricultural Farm, District Shaheed Benazirabad during the year 2017-18. Our results showed that the maximum reduction of aphids were recorded after 1st, 2nd and 3rd spray of Spinetoram (88, 91 and 70%) followed by Methoxyfenozide (76, 85 and 68%), Spinosad (73, 69 and 67%), Chlorantraniliprole (56, 72 and 28%) and Flubendamide (38, 48 and 20%) after seven days of spray. In the case of botanical extract, the maximum reduction after seven days of spray was showed after 1st, 2nd and 3rd spray of Tobacco solution (85, 74 and 63%) followed by Neem oil (71, 69 and 56%) and Eucalyptus solution (34, 45 and 31%). The data furthermore revealed that the minimum average population of aphids were recorded after 1st, 2nd and 3rd spray of Spinetoram insecticide (1.5±0.3, 1.3±0.3 and 2.0±0.0) followed by Methoxyfenozide (3.0±0.4, 1.8±0.3 and 1.8±0.3), Spinosad (3.8±0.8, 3.5±0.3 and 2.0±0.0), Chlorantraniliprole (5.5±0.3, 3.3±0.3 and 3.0±0.4) and Flubendamide (6.8±0.3, 6.0±0.0 and 3.8±0.3), respectively. However, the same trend of population was showed against Tobacco solution (1.5±0.5, 3.0±0.4 and 1.8±0.3) as compared to Neem oil (2.8±0.3, 3.5±0.3 and 2.0±0.0) and Eucalyptus solution (8.3±0.5, 6.0±0.0 and 3.8±0.5) during same day interval, respectively. In the control plot, the minimum average number was also recorded on the same-day interval. It was concluded that the high reduction of banana aphids and recorded with Spinetoram followed by Methoxyfenozide, whereas Tobacco was the most effective among the botanicals.

Keywords: Aphids; Banana; Botanicals; Insecticides; Pentalonia nigronervosa; Spinetoram


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