Quality attributes of cakes prepared from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and cowpea flour (Vigna unguiculata L.)

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Shahzor Gul Khaskheli, Rahat H Juna, Dileep Kumara Lohano, Aijaz Hussain Soomro, Ashfaque A Khaskheli Aasia Akbar Panhwar


The demand of the consumer changing for new products due to the high rate of diabetes and obesity disease is causing an unparalleled spike within the bakery production sector. Consumers demand better products that are low in sugar, cholesterol, and incorporate health-promoting components such as protein and fibers. In the present study, a bakery product i.e., cake was developed from wheat flour with the addition of cowpea in different ratios (0%, 20%, 40% and 50%) to evaluate the nutritional as well as sensory properties. Four cake samples were developed with different formulations such as wheat flour 100% as a control (T1), Wheat flour and cowpea flour with ratio of 80:20, 60:40, and 50:50 (T2, T3, T4) respectively. The proximate composition showed that wheat flour (WF) had higher protein content, carbohydrate, and moisture with 15.70%, 79.50%, and 13.55% respectively. Whereas cowpea flour (CPF) had higher fiber, fat, ash content with 75.72%, 3.70%, 0.70% respectively. The proximate composition of the cakes varied significantly with cake produced from cowpea flour having the nutritional composition with the increased ratio of CPF significantly. Moreover, sensory attributes of cake (T3) such as color, texture, taste, and overall acceptability were found significant. It is concluded that the incorporation of cowpea flour in wheat-based cakes can increase nutritional values and consumer preferences to mitigate nutritional deficiencies. Thus, wheat flour fortification with lentil flour might be a good option for controlling protein malnutrition, diabetic disease and iron and zinc deficiency.

Keywords: Cake, Cowpea; Wheat flour; Nutrition


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