Antibiotic profiling of Uropathogens isolated from urinary tract infection at tertiary care hospital District Bannu Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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Sayab Khan, Muhammad Kamil Khan, Saad Hamayoon, Zaheer Ahmad, Shafiq Ur Rahman, Qazi Sami ul Haq, Zia Ullah Anees Ahmad, Attaullah, Farman Ali


The most frequent nosocomial infection among hospitalized patients is urinary tract infection. The right treatment plan may be selected by physicians with the use of region-specific monitoring studies designed to learn more about the bacteria that cause UTI and their patterns of resistance. We thus set out to identify the microorganisms responsible for UTI and analyses their anti-biogram. In order to properly identify urinary pathogens, clean-voided midstream urine specimens were collected. The urine samples were then streaked on cultured media. The observed colonies were then subjected to the gram staining and biochemical testing at Khalifa Gull Nawaz Hospital in District Bannu. The antibiotic profiling test was performed to find the resistant, sensitivity and intermediate properties of the isolates. Escherichia coli were the most prevalent isolated gram-negative uropathogens (59.5%), followed by Proteus mirabilis (3%) and Klebsiella spp. (3%) in terms of bacterial species. Enterococcus faecalis (4%) was discovered among the gram-positive organisms. Women were more likely than males to have a UTI (57.5% vs. 42.5%). Most of the isolates showed high levels of sensitivity to imipenem, tazobactam, ceftazidime, and amikacin. Several antibiotic resistances were present in almost all of the test organisms. Antibiotic susceptibility testing must be done before prescribing antibiotics due to the high levels of multiple antibiotic resistances that have been found. The purpose of this study was to identify the most recent bacterial pathogens that cause UTIs. For doctors to effectively treat and manage patients exhibiting signs of a UTI, this study is crucial.

Keyword: Antibiotic profiling; District Bannu; Urinary tract infection; Uropathogens

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