Formulation and quality evaluation of aglutenics biscuits supplimented with rice bran for coeliac patients

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Sadaf Javaria, Aiman Karim Muhammad Waqas Saeeda Raza, Amer Mumtaz Kashif Waseem


Coeliac disease is a chronic disorder of intestine in which patients cannot bear gluten, a wheat protein. There is no medication of this disease instead of using gluten free food. Moreover, coeliac patients use foods with low fiber and find food products with poor quality, hence generally face the problems of constipation and malnutrition. To cope up this problem the present research was designed. Gluten free biscuits developed with rice, maize and chickpea flours supplemented with 5%, 10% and 15% stabilized rice bran (SBR) packed in HDPE in the experiment to find the higher quality and more nutritional gluten free biscuit formulations. The rice bran was stabilized with dry heat treatment before supplementation. Physicochemical analysis of biscuits revealed that moisture, ash, crude protein, fiber and thickness were significantly increased with the increment of SBR. While, width and spread factor of biscuits were decreased with the increased levels of SBR. Sensory evaluation of biscuits revealed that biscuit supplemented with 5-10% SBR were liked by the panelists. Therefore, it can be concluded from the results that aglutenics biscuits (Developed with rice flour 35 % + maize flour 35 % + chickpea flour 30 %) supplemented with 10-15% SRB are more suitable for consumption.

Keywords: Coeliac Disease; Aglutenics biscuits; Rice Bran; Storage

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