Genetic variability and correlation studies for biochemical traits in Brassica juncea L.

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Fawad Ali Junaid Khan, Haneef Raza* Ijaz Naeem Murad Khan, Naila Nawaz Khan Anwar Rashid, Mohammad Wasiullah Khan Jawad Ali, Abdul Saboor Khan


Brassica juncea germplasm was evaluated to estimate divergence, associations among traits and heritability for various bio-chemical traits in RCB design having three replications at the University of Agriculture, Peshawar during 2011-12. Data were recorded on six bio-chemical traits viz., oil content, erucic acid content, glucosinolate content, protein content, oleic acid content and linolenic acid content. Highly significant variations were recorded for all the studied bio-chemical traits. Maximum heritability was observed for glucosinolate content (0.90), protein content (0.80) and erucic acid content (0.82), whereas moderate heritability was recorded for oil content (0.54), oleic acid content (0.33) and linolenic acid (0.43). The high heritability was coupled with appreciable selection response. Negative associations were recorded among oil content and protein content (r= -0.419**). Protein content showed positive associations with glucosinolate content (r= 0.678**) and erucic acid content (r= 0.481**).

Keywords: Brassica Juncea L.; Heritability; Correlation; Selection response

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