Stability comparison of parental and modified double cross maize hybrids

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Syed Majid Rasheed* Hidayat-ur- Rahman Syed Salim Shah


The objective of this study was to study the level of grain yield reduction in modified double cross maize hybrids in comparison with their parental hybrids. Yield performance and stability comparison for yield and yield associated parameters for modified double cross maize hybrids and their respective standard parental hybrids was carried out across three locations of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa i.e., The University of Agriculture (UAP), Agricultural Research Station (ARS) Baffa (Mansehra) and Cereal Crops Research Institute (CCRI), Pirsabak (Nowshera), during 2009-10. Modified double cross hybrids of maize having improved yield were produced during spring crop season 2009 at Malakandher Research farm of University of Agriculture, Peshawar.  Genotype x environment interaction was studied for yield and yield parameters in five modified double cross maize hybrids and their respective parental maize hybrids. Genotype main effect and genotype x environment interaction effect revealed significant differences for all parameters, except grain moisture at harvest which exhibited non-significant differences. Based on stability parameters and over all mean, the performance of modified double cross hybrid WD-2x8 across different environments excelled other parental hybrids as well as modified hybrids. Selection of modified hybrid WD-2x8 for ear length, ear diameter, 300 kernel weight and grain yield could enhance the grain yield in the target environments and it could be recommended as suitable and stable genotype for locations similar to the target environments. It can be inferred that the production of modified double cross hybrids could be beneficial, as the yield of modified double cross hybrids were almost at par with their respective parental maize hybrids.

Keywords: Finlay-Wilkinson stability analysis; Modified double cross maize hybrids; Yield and yield related traits

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