1. Evaluation of Soybean genotypes for yield and other economically important traits under rainfed condition

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Doulat Baig, Haris Khurshid, Muhammad Arshad, Sohail Ahmad Jan Mubashir Ahmad Khan, Nazakat Nawaz


A study having 14 genotypes of Soybean was conducted during years 2013 and 2014 to select suitable high yielding and early maturing genotypes. The data were recorded for  plant height,  pods per plant, days to flowering, days to maturity, hundred seed weight, oil content and seed yield (kg/ha). The results revealed significant differences for all the traits studied. The genotype Callend produced the tallest plant (78 cm) during 2013. In year 2014, genotype No. 6 (77 cm) and Aust 94-1 (77 cm) produced the tallest plants with maximum height. Genotype SS-129 produced maximum number of pods per plant during 2013. In 2013 Callend, SS-129 and Lochlon produced flower earlier whereas in 2014 the NARC-2 showed earliest flowering. In 2013, maximum days to maturity were taken by No. 6 and minimum days were taken by NARC-2. In 2014 NARC- 2 and HM-8468 proved to be the earliest in maturity among the entries. In 2013 maximum hundred seed weight was recorded in Ajmeri followed by Callend. However, in 2014 highest hundred seed weight was produced by genotype 2429-3130. HM-8468 gave the highest oil content both in 2013 and 2014. The maximum seed yield was recorded in Ajmeri followed by Calland during 2013. In 2014, the highest yield was produced by variety NARC-2 followed by Ajmeri. We recommend wide scale germplasm characterization for selecting parental lines to develop climate smart, disease resistant and high yielding varieties.  

Keywords: Genetic diversity; Rainfed; Soybean; Varietal evaluation; Yield components


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