4. Evaluation of genetic variability in the regenerated population of sugarcane

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Shahla Karim Baloch, Masroor Ahmed Bhutto Rehana Anjum Ghulam Shah Nizamani, Aneela Yasmeen Bughio Imtiaz Ahmed Khan, Nighat Seema Soomro Kashamala Baloch Asghar Ali Rajper, Arshad Ali Kaleri, Rameez Raja Kaleri


The direct regeneration is highly valuable procedure on large scale for producing of sugarcane infection plant material of verities and can help in rapid displaying and production of latest varieties by the multiplication. Rapid and efficient protocol was used in sugarcane through in vitro culture for direct regeneration. The (Murashig Skoog) MS average incremented among various concentration of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), kinetin (Kn) and 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2, 4-D) were used for through regeneration in sugarcane. The results indicated that maximum number of shoots with shoot length were observed in NIA-2004 variety on MS average incremented with (6.00 mg-1) IAA+ (1.00 MG-1) Kinetin and (0.5 mg-1) 2, 4 –D, the smallest shoot numbers + length of shoot was observed in the NIA-98 with percentage of (MS+Sugar 40 g-1) in control conditions. The growth of mutant chlorophyll represent that direct effect of regeneration could not hold up the loyalty hereditary but can be serve as the major source for assessing the present aneuploidy. The highest root number was observed in NIA- 2011 in percentage of (MS+ 1.00 mg-1) IBA+ (20 g) sugar, whereas lowers root number was found on (MS+ 1.00 mg-1) IBA+ (10 g) sugar. in NIA-98. The maximum root length was obtained in NIA-2011 under the concentration of MS + 1.00 mg l-1 + 20 g l-1 sugar and minimum root length was achieved in NIA-98 under the concentration of MS + 1.00 mg l-1 + 10 g l-1. It was concluded that the best shoot induction was observed under the concentration of MS average including 6.00 mg l-1 IAA + 1.00 mg l-1 kinetin + 0.5 mg l-1 2, 4-D + sugar 40 g and MS + 1.00 mg l-1 IBA + 20 g sugar proved best concentration for root induction for direct regeneration in sugarcane.

Keywords: Direct regeneration; Genetic variability; Plant growth hormones; Sugarcane; Tissue culture


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