Influence of nitrogen and row spacing on Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) growth and yield attributes

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Said Badshah, Shad Khan Khalil Fazal Jalal Abdul Baseer Muhammad Suleman, Haris Khan, Sajid Khan, Sajjad Zaheer


The experiment was carried out to examine sesame growth and yield response to nitrogen and row spacing. Factorial experiments were carried out in randomized complete block design with split plot arrangement. Main plots were allotted to row spacing (30, 45 and 60cm) and different rates of nitrogen (0, 40, 80 and 120 kgha-1) were placed in sub plots.  Data on growth and yield traits were recorded using standard manner up to harvest maturity. The results indicated that the impact of nitrogen and row spacing on.number.of branches plant-1, number.of capsule plant-1, number.of seeds capsule-1, 1000 grains weight,biological yield, seed.yield and harvest.index were found significant. However their interactive effects were non-significant. Fertilization of nitrogen at.the rate of significantly resulted in maximum.number.of branches plant-1 (20), number.of capsule plant-1 (122), number.of seeds capsule-1 (57), 1000 grains weight(3.6g), seed yield (375.kgha-1) and harvest index (16%), while.maximum.biological (2967.4kgha-1) was.recorded.with Likewise, in case of row spacing, 45cm apart rows resulted in maximum.number.of branches.plant-1 (19.4), number.of capsule.plant-1 (120.2), number.of seeds capsule-1 (55.5), 1000.grains weight (3.5 g), seed yield (351 kgha-1) and harvest index (16%) while more biological yield (3393.kgha-1) were observed in 30cm apart rows. Hence nitrogen fertilization at.the.rate.of with 45cm row spacing is recommended to be superior to get higher sesame yield under climatic conditions of Peshawar valley, Pakistan.

Keywords: Nitrogen; Row spacing; Growth; Yield and yield component

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