8. Genetic variability, heritability, genetic advance and correlation studies among F7 populations of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

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Amir Sohail, Shahzad Ahmad, Hidayatur Rahman Tanvir Burni Syed Mehar Ali Shah Shahzad Ali Quaid Hussain


Genetic variability is the main basis of improvement in crops. The experiment was conducted at The University of Agriculture Peshawar to estimate genetic variability, heritability, genetic advance and correlation studies among F7 populations of chickpea. The experimental material comprised 35 chickpea genotypes Viz. 33 F6 populations of chickpea and two check varieties i.e., NIFA-2005 and Karak-1. The genotypes were sown in RCB design with two replications. Data were collected on eight yield contributing traits viz. Secondary branches plant-1, pods plant-1, seed pod-1, 100-grain weight, grain yield plant-1 and harvest index. The analysis of variance showed significant differences (p≤0.01) among F6 populations of chickpea for all the traits studied. Maximum number of secondary branches plant-1 (23.50), seeds pod-1 (1.80) and seed yield plant-1 (22.76 g) revealed by C1-P2-1-2. Maximum pods plant-1 (58.60), 100-seed weight (30.64 g) and harvest index (42.55%) were recorded for C1-P1-1-1, C1-P1-6-4 and karak-1, respectively. Pods plant-1 exhibited high heritability (0.93) followed by seed yield plant-1 (0.86), secondary branches plant-1 (0.85, 100-seed weight (0.75), plant height (0.73) and harvest index (0.68). High genetic advance was noticed for seed yield plant-1 (33.21), pods plant-1 (29.61%) and secondary branches plant-1 (22.73%). The genotypic and phenotypic correlation of seed yield plant-1 was positive and highly significant with secondary branches plant-1, pods plant-1 and harvest index. Chickpea genotypes C1-P2-1-1, C1-P1-6-2, C1-P2-1-2, C1-P1-6-4, C1-P2-3-3 and C1-P2-3-1 showed best performance than local checks Karak-1 and NIFA-2005 for pods plant-1 and seed yield plant-1 and should be further tested at multi-location for possible release as a new cultivars.

Keywords: F7 populations of Chickpea; Heritability; Genetic advance; Correlation


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