9. Contribution of yield and yield related traits toward grain yield in maize F1 hybrids

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Sardar Ali Naqib Ullah Khan Abid Farid, Ayub Khan, Ijaz Hussain, Shah Masaud Khan, Izhar Hussain Khalid Naveed, Naushad Ali, Israr Ali Sultan Akbar Muhammad Iqbal


Knowledge of correlation between grain yield and its contributing components enhances the effectiveness of breeding programs through the use of appropriate breeding method.  Twenty seven maize Genotypes including 20 F1 hybrids, 5 parental inbred lines and two checks were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with three replications under the environmental conditions of Cereal Crops Research Institute (CCRI), Pirsabak - Nowshera, KPK, Pakistan during spring 2011. Correlation among all measured parameters has been calculated. Grain yield revealed negative genotypic and phenotypic correlations with earliness traits i.e. days to 50% tasseling, pollen shedding and silking. Although, genotypic and phenotypic correlations of grain yield were significantly positive with yield contributing traits.

Keywords: Correlation; Genotypic; Maize F1 Hybrids; Phenotypic; Yield; Yield related traits


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