14. Analysis path coefficient of yield earliness traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Asghar Ali Rajper Shahla Karim Baloch Kashmala Baloch Saeed Ahmed, Arshad Ali Kaleri, Abdul Latif Leghari Sajid Hussain Kaleri Jay Kumar Soothar Salman Raza Soomro Rameez Raja Kaleri


The current investigation was carried out to analyse the coefficient and partitioning of direct and direct effect of yield component and earliness traits in the genotypes of wheat. Current research was conducted at experimental area of Southern Wheat Station Tandojam, during the year 2014-15 in (RCBD) Randomized block design having 3 replications. The total 8 genotypes of wheat viz., Sarang, NIA amber, TD-1, Benazir, Soghat, Anmol, Imdad-05 and Kiran-95 were used to examine correlation and path analysis. Nine traits, namely, days to 75%heading, days to 75% maturity, height of plant-1, plant-1 tillers, length of spikes, yield of gain plant-1, spikelets spike-1, seed index and gains spikes-1 were recorded. Analysis of variance was found significantly different among the traits of genotypes of current research. Mean performance based on the variety TD-1 was showed better production in the term days of (75%) heading days and maturity (75%), number of seed index and spike-1 spikelet’s. Whereas the variety Anmol was found best result in all tiller plants-1 number, grain spike-1 quantity and all yield grain plant-1, therefore mention verities may because favourable for hybridization to produce new wheat promising verities. The results for phenotypic correlation showed seed index and tiller plant-1 were positive and high correlated with grain yield plant-1, hence components of yield can be consider as selective tool for bringing progress in wheat grain production of this crop. Analysis of path coefficient showed the direct effect of grain plant-1 yield was quickly found by the spikep-1 grains 0.8320 followed by index of seed 0.1886, whereas the result of spikelet’s spike-1 was observed positively influence on the yield of grain. In controversial the highest negatively influence was observed by plant-1 tillers number 0.3702, followed by the height of plant 0.0836 and length of spike 0.3813 that is why, direction genotypes selection for the yield of grain because of spikelet’s spike-1, index of seed and grains of spike-1.

Keywords: Analysis; Earliness traits; Path coefficient; Wheat; Yield


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