34. Variations in chemical composition, antimicrobial and haemolytic activities of peel essential oils from three local Citrus cultivars

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Rahman Qadir, Farooq Anwar, Tahir Mehmood Muhammad Shahid Sadaf Zahoor


The present research work was carried out to appraise the variations in the chemical composition, antimicrobial and haemolytic activities of hydro-distilled essential oils from peels of three Citrus cultivars including Citrus reticulata (Kinnow), Citrus sinensis (Mussammi), and Citrus x sinensis (Red blood orange). The essential oil yield from the peels of these cultivars was found to be 0.86, 1.70 and 1.07 %, respectively. Overall, the major chemical constituents (GC-FID analysis) in the peel essential oils of C. reticulata, C. sinensis and C. x sinensis were identified to be limonene (46.30-54.57%), geraniol (10.02-24.00 %) and citraniol (10.05-14.00%). Among the oils tested, peel essential oil of C. reticulata exhibited maximum zone of inhibition against bacterial strains whereas that of C. x sinensis against fungal strains. The tested peel essential oils exhibited small extent of haemolytic activity (0.29 to 1.09%) indicating negligible cytotoxicity. The antibacterial, antifungal and haemolytic activities of the tested Citrus peel essential oils varied considerably (p<0.05) among cultivars depending upon the variable composition of the oils.

Keywords: Antimicrobial agents; Cell; Citrus Peel essential oil; GC-FID; Hydrodistillation


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