1. A Review on Mycoremediation—the fungal bioremediation

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Duryal Barrech, Imran Ali Malik Tareen


The ecofriendly management for the disposal of waste sludge and   waste water is basic problem of treatment plants. The attention of public towards environment is very essential element for the survival of both man and biotic organisms. There is no such methods which can sufficiently work to degrade the toxic material. The better way to maintain the beauty and healthy environment is to adopt a method in which all the macro components return back in a recycle manner thus the waste can be convert to valuable and will give benefits to biotic and a biotic ecosystem. This review talks on the biological techniques which has been used for the waste degradation process. Mycoremediation is an advance biotechnology which uses fungi for the cleaning and controlling of hazardous contamination. It is frugal method and the final product is nonhazardous.

Keywords: Bioremediation; Mushroom; Mycoremediation; White root fungi


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