42. Statistical analysis of helminthic infection in house mouse (Mus musculus) district Nausharo Feroz, Sindh, Pakistan

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Maree Rajper, Nadir Ali Birmani, Saima Naz, Muhammad Moosa Abro


The house mouse (Mus musculus) act as definite host as well as intermediate to spread parasitic disease in human and animals. Studies on helminths infection in house mouse are rare in Pakistan and Sindh their not any significant studies on helminths of the house mouse (Mus musculus). The main aim of this study to describe helminth infection the first time which was recorded during this study. A total of 32 house mouse (Mus musculus) were collected from residential areas of district Nausharo Feroz and dissected for the presence of helminthic infection. Results revealed 62.25% of helminth infection in the mice collected. Among helminths, the highest prevalence (72.2%) was found for the nematodes, followed by the cestodes (15.2%). The minimum prevalence was found for the trematode (12.5%). Amongst helminths, only five species have been identified including two species of nematodes, two species of trematodes and only one species of cestode. In Nematode species the highest prevalence was found for Syphacia muris Yamaguti, 1935 (9.61%) and minimum ware found for Aspiculuris tetraptera (5.7%) these both parasite are previously reported worldwide. In Pakistan Syphacia muris Yamaguti, 1935 previously reported but Aspiculuris tetraptera (Nitzsch, 1821) Schulz, 1924 having a new record. In cestode, the larval stage of Taenia taeniaeformis (Batsch, 1786) was found (54.5%) previously reported from Pakistan. In trematode, the highest prevalence was found for Artyfinostomum indicum (Bhalerao, 1931) Mendheim, 1943 (88.8%) and minimum found in Artyfinostomum sufrartyfex Lane, 1915 (11.11%). These both species are first time reported from Pakistan and A. indicum (Bhalerao, 1931) Mendheim, 1943 having new host record also.

Keywords: Helminthic infection; New record; Prevalence


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