43. Estimation of genetic variability, heritability, index of variation and correlation in the half sib families of CIMMYT maize population CZP-132011

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Amir Sohail, Hidayatur Rahman Muhammad Yasir Khan Tanvir Burni Syed Mehar Ali Shah Rozina Naz Manzoor .


This research was carried out to estimate genetic variability, heritability, index of variation and genotypic and phenotypic correlations among half sib recurrent families for various traits. Sixty four half sib recurrent families were evaluated in 8×8 lattice square design with two replications at Cereal Crops Research Institute CCRI, Pirsabak during 2017. Data were noted on ears plant-1, ear length, ear diameter, grain rows ear-1, grains row-1, 1000 grain weight and grain yield.  Analysis of variance showed highly significant differences among the half sib families for all the studied traits. High heritability (h2 ˃ 0.60) was recorded for all traits except 1000 grain weight which exhibited moderate heritability (0.54). High index of variation (I.V ˃ 1) was observed for all traits. Grain yield showed significant and positive genotypic correlation with ears plant-1 (rG = 0.46**), ear length (rG = 0.50**), grain rows ear-1 (rG = 0.24*), grains row-1 (rG = 0.34**) and 1000 grain (rG = 0.39**). On other hand grain yield exhibited highly significant and positive phenotypic correlation with ear length (rP = 0.33**). Present research indicates the presence of significant genetic variability in CIMMYT maize population CZP-132011. Substantial variability exists in half sib recurrent families for yield attributes, indicating that there is an opportunity for improvement via selection. The magnitude of genotypic correlations were higher than phenotypic correlations for yield attributes, which means that selection for these traits will improve grain yield. The study also observed that correlations as well as heritability were suitable as models for yield improvement and selection for best families. Traits that had higher heritability and positive correlation with grain yield may be considered as important traits in selection programme aiming to maize yield improvement and the breeder may consider these traits as main selection criteria.

Keywords: Correlation; Half sib families; Heritability; Index of variation; Maize (Zea mays L.)


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