44. Morphological features of different accessions of Chenopodium quinoa

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Muhammad Farooq Azhar Shahid Aziz Abida Aziz Muhammad Javaid Hafiz Muhammad Aatif, Allah Wasaya, Tauqeer Ahmad Yasir Abdul Wahid Baloch


Quinoa is an annual herbaceous plant which belongs to family Amaranthaceae. It has a variety of flower colors like green, red and purple.  Leaf colour ranges from green to red depending upon the nature of pigments present. Recent research work was focused on detailed study of morphological and anatomical features of four different accessions of Chenopodium quinoa grown in semi-arid climate of Faisalabad, Pakistan. Important morphological parameters (growth habit, length and weight of roots, length and weight of stem, width and weight of leaf, weight and structure of panicle and seed) were studied. P19 accession was found to have maximum height (190.7cm) and higher biomass fresh weight (281.7 grams) than other accession. Accession P93has maximum root length of 25.3 cm while that of P19has minimum root length of 22.6 cm. However over all there is no much significant difference in root lengths of all accessions.

Keywords: Accessions; Morphological features; Nutritional crop; Panicle length; Quinoa; Root parameters


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