Diversity of freshwater algae in some selected sites in river Naguman district Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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Sher Wali* Tabassum Yaseen Samin Jan, Izhar Ahmad, Muhammad Saleem Khan Fazli Rahim, Noman


In the current research work algal collection was made at different sites of River Naguman near its joining point with Sardaryab. Various sites expected to have rich algal flora across an area of 10 Km2 were selected to obtain algal samples. A total of 38 species belonging to 16 genera of freshwater algae were collected and identified. Keys were constructed both at generic and specific levels for identifications and description. Out of these 16 genera Chlorophyta contributed 50%, Bacillariophyta 25%, Charophyta 6.25%, Xanthophyta 12.5% and Cyanophyta contributed 6.25% genera. Chlorophyceae were the most common represented by 60.53% species, Bacillariophyceae were next with 18.42% species, Charophyceae by 5.26%, Xanthophyceae by 5.26% and Cyanophyceae were represented by 10.53% species. The most dominant genus in terms of species was Spirogyra with eight species 21.1%. Cladophora and Oscillatoria were next dominants with 10.5% species. Rhizoclonium, Zygnema and Nitzschia were each represented by 7.9%. Closterium, Diatoma and Chara each contributed 5.3% species. All the remaining genera including Ulothrix, Mougeotia, Desmidium, Cyclotella, Tabellaria, Ophiocytium and Vaucheria each contributed 2.6% species.

Keywords: River Naguman; Algae; Chlorophyta; Bacillariophyta; Charophyta; Xanthophyta; Cyanophyta


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