Study on current status and future trends of commercial poultry production in Pakistan

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Tahir Hameed, Tauseef Muhammad Asmat, Muhammad Masood Tariq, Masroor Ahmad Bajwa, Majed Rafeeq, Babar Hilal, Muhammad Adnan Attique, Farhat Abbas Bokhari⃰


The study was designed to analyze the present status and predict the future trends of poultry production in Pakistan. This project focused on poultry price fluctuation during last ten years. On the basis of that data, we predicted the future trends for poultry price in Pakistan. The layer population, in commercial farms has shown a marked increase from 9.55 million birds during the year 1995 to 27.50 million birds in year 2010. The broiler production from 72.80 million birds in the year 1991 to 795 million birds in the year 2010 was recorded which led to increased broiler meat production. During the year 1995, almost 111772 metric tons of broiler meat was produced which increased to 587000 metric tons during the year 2010. Although the broiler production was increased significantly but price of broiler meat also kept increasing which demonstrate the shortfall in demand and supply. In case of layer flocks same trend was observed. In spite of significant increase in layer flocks which led to enhanced egg production, still the egg price kept rising during all the previous years.  The regression models were used for prediction of layer, broiler, egg and poultry meat production on the basis of past 15-20year’s production.

Keywords: Commercial poultry; Broiler; Layer; Future trends; Pakistan

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