2. Optimisation of in vitro propagation of Gossypium arboreum L.

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Shazia Yasin, Aneela Yasmin


A protocol for micropropagation of Gossypium arboreum was standardized. The shoot tip of one week old cotton seedlings were aseptically excised and cultured on Murashige and Skoog (1962) medium. The medium was supplemented with different concentrations (0 mgL-1, 1 mgL-1, 2 mgL-1) of Benzyl-amino-purine (BAP) and (0 mgL-1, 0.5 mgL-1& 1 mgL-1) Kinetin (KIN) for shoot proliferation. The study was carried out for twelve-weeks with three repeats. Among the tested concentrations 1.0 mgL-1Benzyl-amino-purine (BAP) and 0.5 mgL-1Kinetin (KIN) was found optimal and initiated shooting within 26 days. These hormones revealed 6.3 shoots per explant on average. Indol-butyric acid (IBA) at the concentration of 0.75 mgL-1 demonstrated 4.0 cm long 3.0 roots per plantlet on average. The in vitro generated healthy plantlets were acclimatized for a month under high humidity with 100% survival rate. The optimized protocol is quite simple, less laborious and less expensive to rejuvenate cotton plantlets. These plantlets can further be utilized for the Inplanta transformation experiments and/or molecular studies to overcome off season unavailability of plant material to explore genetic basis of diversity and organization of desirable traits in diploid germplasm.

Keywords: Benzyl-amino-purine; Gossypium arboreum; In-vitro; Kinetin


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