11. Allelopathic activity of leaf extracts of benjamin fig on germination and early growth potentials of sunflower

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Zahir Muhammad, Sobia, Rehman Ullah Abdul Majeed


In a laboratory assay, the allelopathic potential of water leaf extracts of benjamin fig (Ficus benjamina) at concentration 10, 20, 40 and 60% obtained after 24, 48, 72 and 96h of soaking, was evaluated on germination and early growth of sunflower hybrids viz Oliver, Parsun-3, SFH-80 and NKS- 278. Distilled water was used as control treatment. Significantly retarded effects of the aqueous extracts were observed on germination, radicle and plumule length. The bioassay indicated that inhibitory effect was proportional to the concentrations of the extracts and higher concentration had more drastic effects on the studied attributes than lower extracts concentrations. More negative effects were evident at 96h soaking duration. The test hybrids also revealed significant differences in different extract concentrations. In general, NK-S-278 responded more sensitively to the phytoinhibitory effects of extracts while hybrid SFH-80 was less severely affected.

Keywords: Allelopathy; Bioactive compounds; Chemical inhibition; Competition; Growth suppression


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