13. Effect of seed rates on yield and oil components of canola genotypes

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Bilal Khan, Muhammad Jawad Manzoor Ahmad Muhammad Islam, Anjum, Mohammad Yar, Muhammad Ilyas, Haseeb Ahmad Kakar Shah Nawaz Khan Shah Fahad


An experiment entitled “Effect of seed rates on yield and oil components of canola genotypes” was conducted at Bacha Khan Agricultural Research Farm (BARF), Bacha Khan University Charsadda during winter-2015.The experiment consisted of two factors; seed rates (4, 6, 8 and 10 kg ha-1) and canola genotypes (Durr-e-NIFA and Zahoor Swati) in randomized complete block design with three replications. A plot size of 3mx2mhaving 5 rows each 40cm apart was used. Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) were applied at the rate of 60 and 75 kg ha-1 as recommended doses. Full dose of P was applied at sowing while N was applied in two splits (half at sowing time and half with first irrigation).All the plots received the same Agronomic practices. Results of the data revealed that maximum days to emergence (8) were taken by seed rate of 8 and 10 kg ha-1. Number of siliques m-2(34825) and oil yield (989 kg ha-1) were maximum with10 kg ha-1 seed rate. Higher number of siliques plant-1 (397) was produced by using seed rate of 8 kg ha-1. Maximum number of grains silique-1 (22) was produced by seed rate of 6 and 8 kg ha-1. Higher oil content (47%) was recorded for seed rate of 6 kg ha-1. The maximum harvest index (77%) was shown by plots treated with seed rate of 4 kg ha-1.The genotype Durr-e-NIFA resulted in maximum days to emergence (8), number of silique plant-1 (388), number of grains silique-1 (22), harvest index (62 %) and oil yield (871 kg ha-1). Maximum siliques m-2 (30133) and oil content (47 %) were recorded in genotype Zahoor Swati Swati. The seed rate of 6 kg ha-1 in combination with Durr-e-NIFA gave maximum (413) siliques plant-1 and grain oil content of 48.2% in the interaction.

Keywords: Canola genotypes; Oil components; Seed rates; Yield components


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