14. Growth and yield of barley varieties response to micro nutrients

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Muhammad Ishaq, Manzoor Ahmad Zahid Hussain, Wajid Ali Shah Subhan Uddin Muhammad Islam Roohul Amin, Shah Nawaz Khan Muhammad Jawad Aamir Khan


In Agriculture practices fertilizer management is an important source to improve yield. Among fertilizer application methods, one of the most important methods of application is foliar application because foliar nutrients facilitate easy and quick consumption of nutrients. Keeping the important of foliar application in view the present study was conducted to evaluate the “Growth and yield of barley varieties response to micro nutrients” study was conducted at Bacha Khan Agricultural Research Farm, Bacha Khan University Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan, during the year 2016-17. Four barley genotypes [Sanober, Awaran-2002, Bajaur-2000, AJJ] and foliar application of two micronutrients Zn and Cu [Control=water spray, Zn=4 kg ha-1, Cu=1.0 kg ha-1, Zn+Cu =4 kg Zn ha-1+1.0 kg Cu ha-1] were tested in the experiment. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) replicated three times. The plot size 1.8m x 3m, having 30 cm row to row distance was used. It is concluded from the experiment that variety AJJ produce maximum (tillers plant-1) (7), plant height (89 cm), long spikes (9 cm), thousand grains weight (41 g) and grain yield (3912 kg ha-1), while in remaining three varieties variety Sanober produce maximum plant height (83 cm) and thousand grain weight (40 g), while variety Bajaur-2000 produced minimum plant height (82 cm), spike length (7 cm), thousand grain weight (37 g) and grain yield (3556 kg ha-1). Application of micronutrients revealed that combine application of Zn+Cu improved yield and yield components of barley. Maximum tillers plant-1 (7), plant height (95 cm), spike length (10 cm), thousand grains weight (42) and grain yield (4000kg ha-1) was produced by combine application of Zn+Cu followed by sole Zn and Cu application as compared to control. Therefore it can be concluded from the results that Ajj barley variety performed better in terms of grain yield and with the combine application of Zn+Cu increase all yield components.

Keywords: Barley; Foliar Application; Genotype; Micronutrients (Zn + Cu); Varieties


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