21. Effect of chemical preservatives on quality and storage condition of tomato puree

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Nabeel Alam, Said Wahab, Yasser Durrani Arsalan Khan


Tomato puree was prepared from tomato fruit of Roma cultivar with different concentration of chemical preservatives, packaged in plastic jars and stored at room temperature (32 ± 2 ºC). The stored puree samples were analyzed with 15days intervals for physicochemical composition, sensory attributes and colour breakup. The aim of the research work was to investigate the effect of potassium meta bisulphite and sodium benzoate on tomato puree with addition of citric acid. The colour of TTP3 was very good showed at last analysis by Tintometer (Red: 22.9, Yellow: 7.1, Blue: 1.7). Statistical results revealed that TTP3 (sample treated with 0.05% Potassium meta bisulphite + 0.05% Sodium benzoate) was found best both physicochemically and sensory. The overall acceptability results showed less percent decrease in TTP3 (12.46%) followed by TTP1 (14.91%) and TTP6 (15.32%) respectively. The findings of statistical analysis also shows a significant effect (P <0.05) on treatments and storage of tomato puree.

Keywords: Citric acid; Overall acceptance; Preservatives; Plastic bottles; Tintometer; Tomato puree


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