26. Physico-chemical and sensorial variation in camel milk produced at different zones of Sindh, Pakistan

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Muhammad Haroon Baloch Atta Hussain Shah Zaheer Ahmed Nizamani Muhammad Naeem Rajput Habibullah Magsi


Despite camels are best milk yielders in Sindh, Pakistan; their milk is rarely consumed in significant extent probably due to unawareness of its food value, use and/or consumers’ acceptability. Present study merits, evaluating the variability in the physico-chemical properties and sensory profile of camel milk at irrigated plains (IP), sandy desert (SD) and coastal mangroves (CM) zones of Sindh, Pakistan. Experiment was randomized with complete block design, where 90 camel milk samples from each of the three studied zones were examined. Most of the characteristics were recorded significantly different. pH values and viscosity at SD and  CM were found non-significant but these were significantly (P<0.05) different at IP (6.50 and 1.17cP, respectively). Titratable acidity observed considerably high at CM (0.178%) followed by SD (0.169%) and IP (0.165%). Specific gravity, conductivity (mS/cm) and refractive index (1.032, 5.04 and 1.3452, respectively) were abundant at IP compared to CM and SD. Moisture content recorded at SD (89.50%) was high followed by CM (89.21%) and IP (88.81%). Fat content was comparatively abundant at IP (3.19%) than at CM  and SD. Total protein, casein, non-casein nitrogen and whey protein at IP  and CM  found non-significant, but significantly high from that of noted at SD (3.00, 2.07, 0.115 and 0.54%, respectively). Lactose and solids not fat contents at SD and CM noted non-significant, but appeared significantly low from that of IP (4.03 and 8.01%, respectively). Camel milk at IP perceived markedly better score for appearance/color (8.95 over 10), odor/aroma (3.36 over 5), taste/flavor (31.26 over 45), body/texture (3.64 over 5) and overall acceptability (6.32 over 9) followed by camel milk at CM and SD. Though, sensory profile of camel milk versus buffalo milk was not comparable yet score perceived for all the sensory attributes were under acceptable limits and might open the door for its utilization at Sindh, Pakistan.

Keywords: Camel milk; Chemical; Physical; Sensorial; Variation


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