Molecular prevalence of hepatitis C virus genotypes in district Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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Farman Ullah Nawab Ali* Irum Sabir Ali Shamim Saleha Syed Tahir Ali Shah Hazir Rahman Shahbaz Ahmad, Muhammad Jamil Muhammad Saeed


Hepatitis C Virus is a causative agents of liver cirrhosis, having highly diversified genome. Genotype study has important role in clinical setup and prognosis of hepatitis C virus infection. The aim of this was to investigate the prevalence and risk factors associated with hepatitis C virus genotypes in district Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Hepatitis C virus pre-infected patients (n = 600) were analyzed to assess circulating HCV genotypes, using reverse transcriptase approach. Moreover serum ALT levels were determined followed by correlation with genotypes. In current study cohort, majority of patients (62%) were, having elevated ALT (> 50 U/L). similarly patients with mixed HCV genotypes, 3a/3b have relatively higher ALT levels (~62) compared to 2a/3a (~43) and others. We found significant correlation (p = 0.002) of genotype 2a in connection with ALT (49.48) level. Similarly 3a, 3b, mixed as well as un-typeable genotypes correlations were also found highly significant (p <0.001) with their mean ALT levels (47.14, 31.58, 46.69 and 43.68) respectively. In our studied population, most prevalent genotypes were 3a (25%) followed by 3b (20%) and 2a (15%). Fifteen percent of patient’s infections were untypeable while in 10% patients mixed genotype were observed. Among total 30 (5%) were blood transfusion cases, 90(15%) surgical, 540 (90%) dentistry, 360 (60%) Barber, 492 (82%) Pricks, whereas 180 (30%) cases were those having early type of HCV/HBV infection in their family. In current study, genotypes 3a and 3b were more prevalent, with two potential risk factors; dentistry and barbers. Moreover, genotypes and ALT investigations were found to be more fruitful in prognosis as well as management of HCV infection.

Keywords: HCV; Genotypes; ALT; Risk factors; Kohat

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