32. Investigation on relationship of hormonal profile and biochemical constituents of seminal plasma with physical characteristics of Damani buck semen

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Muhammad Inamullah Malik Huma Jamil, Zafar Iqbal Qureshi Ashar Mehfooz Syeda Nayab Batool Rizvi Shakeeb Ullah, Syed Raihan Dilshad, Ali Zaman, Naimat Ullah Syed Kamran Safdar Ghulam Jelani Hamza Maris Abdul Majid Muhammad Shuaib Khan


The present study was planned to examine few biochemical constituents and testosterone hormone of buck seminal plasma and semen physical characters in Damani bucks. For this, 10 Damani bucks of 9 months age were selected and an 8 weeks research was maintained. For calculation of testosterone hormone concentration and biochemical elements (P, Cl, Na, Ca, K and total protein), plasma from semen was obtained by centrifugation and put in storage at -20oC. The correlation of biochemical elements (P, Cl, Na, Ca, and K) with concentration of testosterone level was found positive (p< 0.01) while negative with total protein. The association among said elements was significant (p< 0.05). Total protein was negatively correlated with Na, K and Cl while positively with concentration of Ca and P. Testosterone profile and biochemical constituents also displayed significant correlation (p<0.01) with semen physical characters i.e. progressive motility, volume and sperm concentration and negative to abnormal and dead sperm percentage.

Keywords: Correlation; Damani breed bucks; Physical parameters; Testosterone hormone


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