46. Nutritional status of apple orchards soils in district Qilla Saifullah (Balochistan)

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Zia ul Haq Zafar Ullah, Saeed Ahmed, Muhammad Raza Siddiqui, Saduddin


This research was conducted to study the nutritional status of apple orchards soils in Qilla Saifullah during November, 2011. Soil samples were collected from three depths 0-30, 31-60 and 61-90 cm and analyzed for mineral N, hot water soluble B and AB-DTPA extractable P, K, Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn. The majority of soils were light in texture, alkaline in reaction, non-saline and moderately calcareous. The concentration of N showed that about 77% of the surface soils were adequate in N. The concentration of extractable P was also adequate in 80% samples. The K content showed that 3, 20 and 60% soils in 0-30, 31-60 and 61-90 cm depths, respectively were low. The orchards more than 85% were found low in organic matter. The analysis of AB-DTPA extractable Zn showed that 7, 23 and 47% soils in 0-30, 31-60 and 61-90 cm depth respectively were low. The Cu and Mn results showed that none of orchards were found deficient in all three depths. The results of B showed that 17% in 61-90 cm depth was low whereas 77, 57% and 47% in three depths, respectively were adequate. The soils of apple orchards were low to marginal in Zn, Fe and B to varying levels. The frequency of Zn deficiency was highest followed by Fe and B. AB-DTPA nutrients showed different correlation trends for organic matter, pH and EC. The AB-DTPA extractable Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn and B had positive non-significant correlation with organic matter in the surface and subsurface soil. Micronutrients such as Zn and Fe had negative and non-significant correlation with EC and pH. The AB-DTPA extractable phosphorus showed positive non-significant correlation with organic matter. The AB-DTPA extractable potash had positive significant correlation with lime and organic matter in the surface and subsurface soils and negative non-significant correlation with pH.

Keywords: Apple; Balochistan; Extractable P; Mineral N; Nutritional status; Soils


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