48. Gamma radiation induced mutation in M2 generation of Pea (Pisum sativum L.)

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Wisal Muhammad Khan Zahir Muhammad Naveed Akhtar Tanveer Burni Alliya Younas Nosheen Umar


Distinctive measurements of gamma irradiations (6, 7, 8, 9, 10Krad and zero dosage as control) were used to assess different morphological and proximate parameters of Pisum sativum. An examination of the after effects of various treatments with control demonstrated that gamma radiations altogether influenced diverse morphological and proximate parameters. Days to germination stayed same when contrasted with control however 7Krad indicated least days to germination. Germination rate and seedling survival rate was 100 percent both in control and the irradiated seeds. Measurements of 7Krad took least days for bloom start when contrasted with control and different dosages. Flower initiation happened before in 7Krad as compared to control. Natural product start and organic product development was additionally before in 7Krad when contrasted with control. Plant tallness was fundamentally expanded in 10Krad when contrasted with control. In 7Krad number of pods per pot was high when contrasted with control. Pod length decreased in all measurements yet high pod length was seen in control. Greatest number of seeds per pod was recorded in control. Weight of 1000 seeds was high in 6Krad when contrasted with control. Proximate analysis i.e. ash demonstrated greatest sum in 9Krad when contrasted with control. Moisture was likewise high in 9Krad. Proteins were most extreme in 7Krad when contrasted with control. High fats were acquired in 8Krad as compared to control. Subsequently the ash, moisture, proteins, fats were expanded essentially with higher gamma radiation when contrasted with control.

Keywords: Biochemical parameter; Gamma irradiation; Morphological response; Pisum sativum L.


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