49. Combining ability studies of biochemical traits in intra and interspecific crosses of brassica

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Amir Sohail, Sikandar Shah, Farhatullah, Iftikhar Hussain Khalil Tanvir Burni, Fazal Hadi


An experiment was carried out at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agricultural University, Peshawar during 2016-2017 to study intra- and inter specific brassica crosses for computing combining ability The experimental material comprised of six Brassica napus parental genotypes i.e. N-502, N-510, N-514, N-531, N-533, N-547 crossed with three testers i.e. one each of B. napus (N-532), B. juncea (J-109), and B.campestris (C-118) in line x tester fashion. Data were recorded in parental lines and F1s on erucic acid, glucosinolate, protein, oleic acid, linolenic acid content and oil yield. Significant differences (p≤0.01) were observed in all genotypes for all of the traits. Mean squares for combining ability showed that female parental lines were significantly different for erucic acid, while, male parental lines (testers) were significantly different for oil content, oleic acid, erucic acid and oil yield. General (GCA) and Specific (SCA) combing ability effects showed that only 13 traits were controlled by additive genes, while remaining traits showed non-additive effect. The GCA effects of female parental lines were greater for protein content, while for male parental lines it was greater for remaining traits as compared to SCA effects. Among female parental lines, desirable GCA effects were exhibited by line N-533 protein content and oleic acid content. Line N-531 showed desirable values for linolenic acid. Line N-502 was best general combiner for protein and erucic acid content. Among testers, N-532 exhibited desirable GCA for oil, glucosinolate, oleic acid, erucic acid content and oil yield plant-1. Maximum SCA effects was recorded for linolenic acid. Among F1 hybrid (N-533 x C-118) and (N-510 x J-109) expressed the maximum desirable SCA effects. The cross “N-533 x C-118” was the best specific combiner for all the traits studied followed by “N-547 x C-118” which proved good specific combiner for most of the traits including oli yield plant-1

Keywords: Brassica; Biochemical traits; Combining ability; Intra and inter specific crosses


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