4. Genotype × environment interaction studies in F5 populations of upland cotton under agro-climatic condition of Peshawar

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Faisal Nadeem Naqib Ullah Khan Imranuddin . Shah Khalid Sikandar Azam Beena Saeed Talha Jan Kamran Khan Mohammad Riaz Khan



Genotype (G) × Environment (E) interaction and correlation studies were carried out in F5 populations along with parental genotypes at two different sowing dates i.e. normal (mid-May) and late (mid-June) in upland cotton during crop season 2013-14 at The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, Pakistan. The experimental material comprised 37 genotypes including 29 F4:5 populations and eight parental genotypes. The experiment was conducted in a RCB Design having three replications. ANOVA presented highly significant differences for genotypes and sowing dates for almost all the traits except seed index, where the mean differences were non-significant for sowing dates. G × E interaction effects were highly significant for sympodia plant-1, bolls sympodia-1, bolls plant-1 and seeds locule-1.  Seed cotton yield plant-1 revealed significant positive association with most of the traits. Overall, in genotypes and G × E interactions, F5 population CIM-506 × CIM-554 S2 exhibited highest seed cotton yield plant-1(85.05g), bolls sympodia-1 (2.27), bolls plant-1 (18.63) and seed index (9.53 g). The F5 population CIM-554 × CIM-707 S1 revealed maximum seeds boll-1 (33.21), seeds locule-1 (7.54), boll weight (4.76 g) and seed cotton yield plant-1 (83.24g). The F5 population CIM-554 × CIM-473 S2 produced maximum seeds boll-1(31.95), seeds locule-1 (7.42). Parental cultivar CIM-496 showed maximum sympodia plant-1 (16.10), bolls sympodia-1 (1.17) and bolls plant-1 (18.89). F5 population CIM-506 × CIM-554 S2 was found more responsive to both environments followed by F5 populations CIM-554 × CIM-707 S1, CIM-554 × CIM-473 S2 and parental genotype CIM-496 which could be used in future breeding programme for improvement in seed cotton.

Keywords: Cotton; Environment; Genotype; Seed-cotton


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