6. Nutritional assessment of corn wet feed in Nili Ravi Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

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Sana Najeeb, Asif Javaid Kashif Siddiq Muhammad Akhtar Mahr-un- Nisa Muhammad Shuaib Khan Khan


Four rumen fistulated buffalo bulls were used in Latin Square Design (4×4) to inspect the impact of replacement of corn grains with corn wet feed (CWF) on nutrients digestibility, rumen characteristics (rumen pH and ammonia N) and nitrogen (N) balance. The bulls were fed restricted diets. Diets were formulated isocaloric (ME 2.30 Mcal/kg) and isonitrogenous (12.55% crude protein (CP). The CWF0 (control diet) had no CWF, while CWF10, CWF20 and CWF30 diets contained CWF 10, 20 and 30%, correspondingly. Experimental duration was eighty days. The CP and dry matter (DM) intakes did not differ (P>0.05) across all diets because of restricted diets. High intake (P<0.05) of neutral detergent fiber (NDF) was noted in animals fed CWF30 than animals fed CWF0, it was similar to those fed CWF10 and CWF20 diets. The CP, DM and NDF digestibility was high (p<0.05) in bulls fed CWF10 diet as compared to bulls fed CWF0, CWF20 and CWF30 diets, whereas, these were similar (P>0.05) among bulls fed CWF30, CWF20 and CWF0 diets. The N balance was positive in all bulls. High N balance (P<0.05) was noted in animals fed CWF10 and CWF20 diets compared to those fed other experimental diets. Rumen pH at 0, 3, 6 and 9 hours after feeding was same across all diets. Rumen ammonia N was different (P<0.05) at 3, 6 and 9 hours after feeding, however, it was same at 0 hour. In conclusion, replacing 10% corn grains with CWF showed improved digestibility, rumen characteristics and N retention of bulls.

Keywords: Buffalo bull; Digestibility; N balance; Ruminal ammonia-N; Ruminal pH


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