7. Effect of different seed rates on growth, seed yield and oil content of mustard variety Mehran Raya

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Qamaruddin Jogi, Khalid Hussain Banglani, Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro Rehana Anjum Zameer Ahmed Kalwar, Abdul Razaque Mangi, Muhammad Haroon Hullio Naveed Ahmed Abbasi, Reema Vistro, Sanaullah Shaikh


In order to observed the effect of various seed rate on the growth, seed yield and oil content of mustard variety Mehran Raya. This investigation was conducted during the year of 2017.Four treatments were formed including S1 = 2.5 kg ha-1, S2 = 3.0 kg ha-1, S3 = 3.5 kg ha-1 and S4 = 4.0 kg ha-1 at the Agronomy Section, Agriculture Research Institute, Tandojam.  The results showed that growth and seed yield components of mustard were significantly (P<0.05) affected by the different seed rates. The mustard crop seed rate under 2.5 kg ha-1 (S1) with, 32.05 m2 plant population, 162.55 cm plant height, 15.92 branches plant-1, 426.06 pods plant-1, 8.20 seeds pod-1, 21.31 g seed index, 1195 kg seed yield  ha-1 and 39.07% oil content. The mustard crop receiving 3.0 kg ha-1 (S2) with 40.11 m2 plant population, 151.56 cm plant height, 15.16 branches plant-1, 406.00 pods plant-1, 8.00 seeds pod-1, 20.73 g seed index, 1386 kg seed yield  ha-1 and 38.91% oil content. The crop supplied with 3.5 kg ha-1 (S3) resulted 45.06 m2 plant population, 148.71 cm plant height, 14.13 branches plant-1, 339.67 pods plant-1, 6.30 seeds pod-1, 18.21 g seed index, 1290 kg seed yield  ha-1 and 37.00% oil content. The results further showed that the mustard crop given 4.0 kg ha-1 (S4) in crop performance resulted 59.93 m2 plant population, 137.92 cm plant height, 11.07 branches plant-1, 204.67 pods plant-1, 5.90 seeds pod-1, 15.07 g seed index, 1255 kg seed yield ha-1 and 37.94% oil content. It was concluded that regardless the variation in the values of different growth and seed yield traits of mustard crop, the seed yield was markedly higher (1386 kg ha-1) under seed rate 3.0 kg ha-1.

Keywords: Growth; Oil content; Seed rat; Yield


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