10. Influence of pruning on fruits production of jujube Ziziphus mauritiana Lam

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Abdul Qadir Gola Muhammad Iqbal Jakhro Asif khan Tareen Mohammad Saleem Mastoi Muzamil Ahmed Khosa


This study was conducted at Horticultural Research Institute, at the Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam, during the period of (March 2014) the influence of pruning on fruits production of jujube. The experiment was the laid out in (RCBD) with the four replications. Hence there were total 20 plants. Four treatments were too applied T1 (pruning on 20th May) T2 (pruning on 25th May) T3 (pruning on 15th June) T4 (pruning on 25th June) and the maximum number of branch per tree (25 days to flowering) and (65 days blooming on 15th August to 25th on September) and the fruit weight (31.45 g) the maximum fruit size (30.50 mm2) highest sugar (6.22%) and the maximum vitamin-C  contents on (130.50) Pruning in ber is required right from the year of planting. During the pre-bearing stage, it is done to build strong framework to bear the load and fruits. Pruning in Pakistan is to specific geographical location, in sub-tropical regions. It is done (15th May) is most suitable pruning time to maximum fruits yield and quality in ber. The depending upon latitude while in tropical regions, depending upon the possibility of winter rainfall. In Northern Sindh like in Hyderabad, Khairpure Lahore, Faisalabad, and Bahawalpur division. It should be done before the end of May on Pruning and intensity levels of enhance the vegetative growth and fruit quality of ber.

Keyword: Jujube; Production; Pruning intensities; Quality; Yield


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